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 Frequently Asked Questions.

 Listed below are the questions that I am asked quite often. Before you write me, be sure to check here.





 Licensing, Deploying and Distribution



May I try the product before I buy? Top
Yes. The HelpVistaXPDiamond (vb activex control) trial product is available for 20 days evaluation. Customers are encouraged to fully evaluate the software prior to purchasing a software license. Evaluation software may be downloaded from the Helpsofts web site, is fully functional, and includes complete documentation and project examples. During the evaluation period, you can contact technical support here. supports@helpsofts.com
How much does your component (The HelpVistaXPDiamond) cost? Top
Total Amount Payable -  

01. 1-2 License key ($ 169.95 x 1 = $ 169.95 ) Off More than 85% ($700)

02. 3-4 License Key ($ 129.95 x 3 = $ 389.85) - Small Business Developing Package Off More than 80% ($2100)

03. 5-more License Key ($ 99.95 x 5 = $ 499.75) - Mega Business Developing Package Off More than 85% ($3500)

How often a new version is released? Top
We cannot predict the exactly date when a new version comes out. It depends, on how many changes we need to include to the version, and how the complex is each thing that needs to be included, and so it could take from a week to more weeks. Most of the changes are improvements to the product. You can check the control's release notes for each issue that has been added or fixed. Just count how many were added and how many were fixed, in case you want to ask us how stable is the control. All added issues were reported by our customers, or even non-customers.  Release Note
Can your component be used in VBA ( Excel, Word, ... )? Top
Most of HelpVistaXPDiamond components (vb 6.0 activex controls) except HelpVistaXPHookTab, HelpVistaXPListbox, HelpVistaXPFrame, and HelpVistaXPPicture component can be used in a VBA environment like Access, Excel and so on. That component above requires a container interface. Unfortunately, the VBA environment doesn't support container interface.
Is your product able run either on a Win 2000, Win 2003 Win XP or Win Vista platform? Top
Any of our products run just fine on Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows Vista or Windows XP.
I have installed a demo HelpVistaXPDiamond product, but I am not able to run any of the installed samples? Top
The HelpVistaXPDiamond (visual basic activex controls) product install and register more than one the ActiveX controls. Registration of an ActiveX control requires write permission to the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT OLE registry key. This is a general rule, and it is not an HelpVistaXPDiamond rule. Make sure that you install the HelpVistaXPDiamond (vb activex controls) software using an Administrator account.
How can I add to Visual Basic (vb)? Top
Please visit, Adding HelpVistaXPDiamond Enterprise Edition to Visual Basic 6.0
Can we use ActiveX controls to build applications under  VB6? Top
Of course, We just prepared this product specially for Visual Basic 6.0 developer.


I want use these product forever, How can I buy it now? Top
Please visit, How can i buy it now?
How can I make payment? Top
Please visit, How can I make payment?
How many licenses do we need and how are your products licensed? Top
You should buy one license per each developer. [Quantity Type: 1 Quantity = 1 License Key = 1 Machine]
Do we need to purchase technical support and maintenance or our subscription already includes free support? Top
Our products come with free technical support and free updates. off 100% - Please visit, Free Upgrade
How long does it take to obtain my license details after I purchase a product online by credit card? Top
After the registration service receives your online credit card order, it may take up to several hours to authorize your transaction. After your charge is authorized, you will receive the License Key and User ID to your email account within 24 hours by e-mail. If your credit card is declined, then you will receive an e-mail stating the reason. If you do not receive any e-mail within 24 hours, then there may be a problem with your order.

 Licensing, Deploying and Distribution

Where in the installation process do I enter the license key & User ID? Top
Run:  Start -> Programs -> HelpVistaXPDiamond2008 -> Registration.exe  Please visit, Installation Process
Can I redistribute the purchased components with my apps for free? Top
Yes, You are free to redistribute it with your compiled apps as many times as you need without any additional fee. Please visit, License Agreement 
What files do I need to install on the client machine? Top
Here are the following files that you need when you make a distribution package of your software:


You can find redistribution files on HelpVistaXPDiamond Installed directory (Eg :- C:\Program Files\HelpVistaXPDiamond2008\Distribute)

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